The best coffee for the road begins with great beans and a great shot of espresso
Our coffee blend is made specifically with Irish tastes in mind. Because this is Ireland. And you’re the ones drinking the coffee. Seemed to make sense. So that means it’s nothing but 100% arabica beans from Brazil and Colombia. To be honest, taste is hard to describe, and we won’t bang on about this too much, but we’ve created a roast with hints of:


What did make sense was to serve Pelco customers with FRANK and HONEST artisan takeaway coffee which is sourced 100% Arabica beans from Brazil and Columbia making it a premium coffee experience.
What can we tell you about FRANK and HONEST artisan takeaway coffee that you might not already know, well here goes:
• It is served in over 800 outlets throughout Ireland
• It is Ireland’s No 1 coffee by sales volume
• It has 3 cup sizes, 8oz, 12oz and 16oz

Enjoy a totally guilt free take away FRANK and HONEST coffee at Pelco retail outlets – the cups and lids are compostable!